Using Digital Camera Shooting Modes

Improving photographic skills is just like everything else – – we learn best by experience. Attacking the experience issue with a series of small projects usually works better than taking on a big project, and it is a lot easier to fit the small ones into a busy schedule. A good start would be to [...] Read more »

Digital Camera Shooting Modes

Some find the many choices of digital camera shooting modes bewildering. Here are simple explanations with important detail you aren’t likely to find in your camera’s manual. There is a lot of buzz about “manual exposure” and it is good to know and be able to use it. Just remember that one of the automatic [...] Read more »

Creative Exposure Control #3

Getting really good photographs requires taking at least some control in order to get the benefits of creative exposure. It’s like flying. Much of the routine can be handled with the craft on autopilot, but I don’t know any pilots who relinquish control of take-off or landing. Similarly, photographers who want the best results don’t [...] Read more »

f-stop Confusion: Mystery Solved and Explained!

F-stop Confusion Every once in a while someone makes a choice that causes confusion forever after, and such is the case with “f-stops.” I know of no other concept that causes as much confusion for photographers. It certainly confused me, but the concept is so important to getting correct exposures that I dug into it. [...] Read more »

Exposure – Speed, Aperture, and ISO Simplified

Exposure deals with controlling the amount of light allowed to strike film or a photo sensor, and the result produced by that light. There are three ways to increase or reduce exposure and how we use them impacts three other things – 1) how the photograph depicts motion, 2) whether or not all, part, or [...] Read more »

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