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The Professional’s Photo Composition Secrets

Every time you take a photograph you are composing, the process of deciding what will be in the picture and what will not, and how the subjects and objects in the frame will be arranged in relationship to the frame and to each other. If you do it well your picture will have visual impact and affect people on an emotional level. Their eyes will see what you want them to see, they will notice the most important parts of the image almost immediately, and they will want to continue looking at the photograph rather than quickly turning their gaze elsewhere.

Mastering Composition Requires Practice

As you purposely practice using these rules and guidelines of photo composition in your shooting, their use will become nearly automatic, freeing you to unleash your creativity the maximum effect without having to stop and think of all the steps that go into making a good picture. That’s why many of the self-assignments suggested in this blog involve practicing the art of photo composition.

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