How to Photograph Fall Color: Part Two

Fall Color Photography The previous article talked about photographing fall color on sunny days, cloudy ones, using a polarizing filter, capturing reflections, and applying the rules of composition. This article continues the discussion of photographing fall color in wind, rain, and after they’ve fallen. Windy Shooting The soft effect seen at right came from photographing [...] Read more »

How to Photograph Fall Color: Part One

Fall Color Photography Fall color quickens a photographer’s heartbeat and cause us to anticipate getting outdoors to capture it while it lasts. Here are photo tips that will help you succeed in bringing home the fall color you saw. Fall Color on Sunny Days The sun’s light has warmer colors toward the ends of the [...] Read more »

Heartbeats: Put People in Pictures for Interest and Impact

Many photo enthusiasts try to exclude people from photos, but taking pictures with people in them is a common professional technique for creating interesting and exciting images. Even unsophisticated renderings of the human form such as stick figures attract and hold our attention, and the human form seen in silhouette is even more powerful. The [...] Read more »

How to Photograph Doors | Part One

Doors can be a theme to tie together travel and vacation photos that remind us where we were and what we discovered, and learning to see and knowing how to photograph doors opens a vast area of subject matter for artistic photographs. We go through and past them every day, and while some are plain [...] Read more »

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