Add Excitement to Pictures of Flowers

Lots of cool and useful stuff comes in spray bottles, and that includes all you need to add a dash of excitement to pictures of flowers. There is something special about the clean, fresh look flowers have after a rain, and you can get it even in a drought with a bit of water in [...] Read more »

How to Photograph Intimate Images of Nature

What comes to your mind when you think of nature pictures? Do you think of wildlife, the ocean, wide landscapes of prairie or mountains? Each of these and many other outdoor areas are usually packed with opportunities for intimate images of nature – the ones that make you aware of the beauty usually unseen because [...] Read more »

Tips for Photographing Fireworks

We can always count on fireworks photo opportunities at Independence Day celebration. Almost everyone likes them and it seems there are always some people photographing them. It’s really not all that difficult to get good shots, and here are some tips for photographing fireworks that will help you capture the beauty, color, and excitement. 1. [...] Read more »

Fresh Perspectives: Pro Photographers Secret for Statues & Landmarks

Free time in a city provides an opportunity to catch your own interpretation of familiar sights including landmarks, statues, and monuments. Before going for your own unique vision of famous places it might help to close your eyes and visualize the photos you’ve seen, and thinking about what fresh perspectives might be waiting. For example, [...] Read more »

Top Tips for Sunrises and Sunsets

Everyone loves pictures from the ends of the day; these top photo tips for taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets can make yours stand out. 1. Protect your vision. Never look directly at the sun through your camera’s viewfinder. Damage to your eyes can be swift and permanent. 2. Plan! Scout unfamiliar sites for their [...] Read more »

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