Cold Weather Photography How-to

Successful Cold Weather Photography Winter comes every year, and despite the beauty of winter land- and cityscapes, there are surprisingly few cold weather photos. Of course warmer weather can be more comfortable, but with just a little bit of knowledge you will be surprised how good your winter photos can be. Let’s get started. Empower [...] Read more »

How to Photograph Fall Color: Part Three – Still Life

Keeping Fall Color On Hand Fall color soon fades but here’s a way to keep some of it around. Gather leaves and store them them in paper grocery bags — not packed, just placed into the bags loosely so that air can circulate and help dry them. When you need some for you photography just [...] Read more »

How to Photograph Fall Color: Part Two

Fall Color Photography The previous article talked about photographing fall color on sunny days, cloudy ones, using a polarizing filter, capturing reflections, and applying the rules of composition. This article continues the discussion of photographing fall color in wind, rain, and after they’ve fallen. Windy Shooting The soft effect seen at right came from photographing [...] Read more »

How to Photograph Fall Color: Part One

Fall Color Photography Fall color quickens a photographer’s heartbeat and cause us to anticipate getting outdoors to capture it while it lasts. Here are photo tips that will help you succeed in bringing home the fall color you saw. Fall Color on Sunny Days The sun’s light has warmer colors toward the ends of the [...] Read more »

How to Take Rain Pictures

There is something special about shooting in the rain and something special about rain pictures. The water and the quality of light work together to change the look of nearly everything — colors are more saturated without the glare of a sunny day, and wet surfaces can shimmer with light and color. Leaves and blossoms [...] Read more »

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