How To: Ten Tips for Photographing the Holidays

Shooting the Holidays It’s the time of year when cameras come out from wherever they’ve been, just in time to photograph the holidays. Their owners may almost never take pictures, but even a family’s veteran shutterbugs are not immune to occasional finger and camera strap photos. Here’s a route to improved photographic odds this holiday [...] Read more »

How to Make a Vignette with Photoshop

Making a White Vignette with Photoshop Updated 4-OCT-2011 Once in a while I come across and image that seems to end a little too abruptly — one that could benefit from having a vignette to help soften the area just inside the frame. It is very easy to create a vignette with Photoshop because there [...] Read more »

Digital Camera Shooting Modes

Some find the many choices of digital camera shooting modes bewildering. Here are simple explanations with important detail you aren’t likely to find in your camera’s manual. There is a lot of buzz about “manual exposure” and it is good to know and be able to use it. Just remember that one of the automatic [...] Read more »

Great Photos that Capture Family Memories

Holidays are the source of many family memories and photos are a great way to keep them alive through the generations. My experience says that you’ll be more likely to capture family memories and the feelings and heart-felt emotions of the moment if you make a plan. Even if parts of it go out the [...] Read more »

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