How to Take Great Party Pictures

Everyone loves a party and its great to have party pictures to share and enjoy long after it ends! These ideas will help you get great party pictures without missing the fun. Note: The discussions on lighting are geared toward photography indoors or outdoors at or later than twilight. Use Natural-Looking Party Picture Poses Stiff, [...] Read more »

How To: Ten Tips for Photographing the Holidays

Shooting the Holidays It’s the time of year when cameras come out from wherever they’ve been, just in time to photograph the holidays. Their owners may almost never take pictures, but even a family’s veteran shutterbugs are not immune to occasional finger and camera strap photos. Here’s a route to improved photographic odds this holiday [...] Read more »

How to Photograph Classic Cars

Classic Cars Meetups The number of cameras at meetups and shows suggests that a lot of people like to photograph classic cars. Most are guys, of course, but a few of the ladies show up with their gear, too. Before you go to one, be aware that the crowds and background clutter nearly always foreclose [...] Read more »

Great Family Photos : Forethought Pays Off!

Great family photos and holiday are easier if you take a little time to prepare yourself. Articles like this usually begin with a checklist for equipment, but I’ll save that for the end because I believe that advance thinking and reflection are at least as important as checking equipment. Taking a few moments to think [...] Read more »

Great Photos that Capture Family Memories

Holidays are the source of many family memories and photos are a great way to keep them alive through the generations. My experience says that you’ll be more likely to capture family memories and the feelings and heart-felt emotions of the moment if you make a plan. Even if parts of it go out the [...] Read more »

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