Photoshop Tutorial:Underexposure & Color Balance

Photoshop Tutorial – Shortcuts for Multiple Photos Needing Similar Corrections You probably don’t know anyone who hasn’t taken an underexposed picture and even a setting of auto white balance fails once in a while. When it does, there might more than one image from an outing that needs help, and occasionally all of them do. [...] Read more »

Non-Destructive Dodging and Burning with Photoshop

Our real world has a wide range of brightness, and as your skills grow you’ll begin noticing that some of your photos have areas that are too bright, too dark, or both. For example, the picture of the wagon wheel has areas in shade and others in bright sun making it impossible to get a [...] Read more »

Blinking Screen: the Quest for Perfect Exposures

Have you seen your camera screen blinking as you review images? Me too, and I found out that the flashing screen is announcing exposure failure — it’s the camera’s way of telling you that parts of the the photograph are overexposed. The camera’s manual may refer to this as “highlight clipping” and you should look [...] Read more »

Want Perfect Exposures? Don’t Trust Your Digital Camera Screen!

Recently we saw how using histograms can help us get perfect exposures. Here are more examples showing how histograms can help make sure your photos turn out the way you want. If you missed the introduction to this topic then click on the link to open it: Histograms: Secret for Perfect Exposures I’m beginning with [...] Read more »

Histograms: Secret for Perfect Exposures

You can’t trust your camera’s display screen. We’ve all thought we had great pictures and gone on to do other things, only to find out later on that the shots don’t look so good when printed or seen on a computer. This is because brightness of the display screen is adjustable and if it is [...] Read more »

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