Non-Destructive Dodging and Burning with Photoshop

Our real world has a wide range of brightness, and as your skills grow you’ll begin noticing that some of your photos have areas that are too bright, too dark, or both. For example, the picture of the wagon wheel has areas in shade and others in bright sun making it impossible to get a [...] Read more »

How to Make a Triptych Using Photoshop

One impressive and simple Photoshop effect is converting a photograph into a triptych. The triptych is a time-honored technique for adding interest to artistic creations that is as important in contemporary art as it was during the Renaissance. It is easy to do and here is a video showing you how to make a triptych [...] Read more »

How to Photograph Doors | Part Two

Everyone likes sunny days for leisure outdoor fun, but shadows often present problems for photographers. This post shows some ways to deal with them and other common challenges to getting great photos. The old specimen at right was brightly lit from the side when I found it. I couldn’t wait for the sun to move [...] Read more »

How to Get Discounts on Photoshop

Phrugal photographers (sorry – couldn’t resist) know that Photoshop isn’t cheap, but Adobe Systems is arguably the global leader in software for editing digital images. In my experience their products are unsurpassed in quality, power and price, and price matters for most of us. But just as there is usually more than one way to [...] Read more »

Understanding JPEG image files

JPEG image files are everywhere. Understanding and using this digital image file format correctly will bring gain and avoid pain. The how and why are here. “JPEG” for is an acronym for Joint Photographic Experts Group, some folks who got together at the dawn of the digital imaging Stone Age (1986) to agree on a [...] Read more »

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