Photoshop Tutorial:Underexposure & Color Balance

Photoshop Tutorial – Shortcuts for Multiple Photos Needing Similar Corrections You probably don’t know anyone who hasn’t taken an underexposed picture and even a setting of auto white balance fails once in a while. When it does, there might more than one image from an outing that needs help, and occasionally all of them do. [...] Read more »

How to Make a Vignette with Photoshop

Making a White Vignette with Photoshop Updated 4-OCT-2011 Once in a while I come across and image that seems to end a little too abruptly — one that could benefit from having a vignette to help soften the area just inside the frame. It is very easy to create a vignette with Photoshop because there [...] Read more »

Photoshop Video Tutorial | Selective Color Adjustment Tool

This classic car photo suffered from a black tail light so I corrected it using Photoshop’s selective color tool to bring up the magenta color seen in the larger image. The choice of tool was driven by the lack of color in the tail light — there simply was not enough red or magenta present [...] Read more »

How to Create Dappled Shade with Photoshop

Creating dappled shade with Photoshop is a quick and easy way to liven up still life photographs. This photo made at a farmer’s market was mildly interesting but lacked visual punch. Cleaning up a couple of minor details, using curves to expand the dynamic range, and adding a dappled shade effect changed it to the [...] Read more »

How to Fix Dull Lifeless Pictures | Photoshop Curves & Blending Modes

Did you ever take a picture that would be perfect except for it’s dull, lifeless look? There is more than one easy way to fix this with Photoshop and the video shows how to put life and sizzle into your photos. We’ll work with the photo of the wagon wheel. In the previous post, Non-Destructive [...] Read more »

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