Geometry: Pro Photographer’s Composition Secret No. 15

Lines & the Triangle in Composition The very first article in this series on composition showed how to use straight and curved lines to direct the viewer’s eye to the subject. The photo of the train is an example of the technique in which a leading line (the track) directs the eye to the subject [...] Read more »

How to Make a Vignette with Photoshop

Making a White Vignette with Photoshop Updated 4-OCT-2011 Once in a while I come across and image that seems to end a little too abruptly — one that could benefit from having a vignette to help soften the area just inside the frame. It is very easy to create a vignette with Photoshop because there [...] Read more »

Find a Unique Perspective | Pro Photographer’s Composition Secret No. 14

Presenting a fresh perspective always catches attention, and professional photographers know that if a picture is worth a thousand words, a composition with a unique viewpoint is worth far more. Seeking fresh perspectives for your own compositions will make you a better photographer, give your images a spark that catches the eye, and will develop [...] Read more »

Balance & Symmetry | Pro Photographers Composition Secret No. 10

Balance and Symmetry add stability to photographs and can give your compositions a sense of calm, peace, and “rightness.” Visual artists have used this “secret” for centuries in their paintings, drawings, sculpture and decorative fabrics. It is just as important in the newer arts of photography and graphic design and there is a good chance [...] Read more »

9 Self Assignments to Sharpen Your Photo Skills | Pro Photographer’s Composition Secrets

It is Thursday and time to finish your plans for weekend photography. You might consider picking one or more of these 9 options for practicing pro photographer’s composition secrets and build skill and confidence in creating visually pleasing compositions. 1. I began the series on composition with Leading Lines in photo composition because I think [...] Read more »

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