Planning: The Secret for Taking Great Sunrise and Sunset Pictures

There must be millions sunrise and sunset pictures and it is hard to resist making another when we have the opportunity. I’ve seen and made many of my own impromptu images at the start or end of a day, but most don’t measure up to those having some degree of planning in their making, The [...] Read more »

How to Photograph Sunrise

I’m often asked how to photograph sunrise so I’m dedicating this post to capturing the drama of sunrise and the mysterious time just before daybreak. The character of light during the hour and a half centered on the dawn makes for spectacular images that just can’t be found at any other time of day. It [...] Read more »

Browser Impact on Images

I’m sorry to need to say this, but I compared my posts in several browsers and in Chrome the images look dark and muddy, color subtlety is missing, and they have a greenish cast. Firefox, IE, and Safari render them essentially the same as they look in Photoshop on my recently calibrated monitors. As much [...] Read more »

Polarize for Blue Skies, White Clouds, Clear Water

Digital photography dramatically reduced the demand for filters because the effects they produced could be mimicked with editing software.  That’s not so easy with circular polarizers because they manage light in their own unique way. They’re great with black & white and film photography, too! On warm sunny days photo enthusiasts head outdoors for images [...] Read more »

Rich Saturated Color

Getting Deep, Rich, Saturated, Color I used slide film almost exclusively before digital came along and I always tried for deep, rich, saturated color. It didn’t leave much room for exposure error, but I quickly learned that underexposing by a quarter to half stop would give richer colors. The digital process is more forgiving, so [...] Read more »

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