Want Perfect Exposures? Don’t Trust Your Digital Camera Screen!

Recently we saw how using histograms can help us get perfect exposures. Here are more examples showing how histograms can help make sure your photos turn out the way you want. If you missed the introduction to this topic then click on the link to open it: Histograms: Secret for Perfect Exposures I’m beginning with [...] Read more »

Perfect Exposures: Metering Modes Explained

Choosing the best metering mode for a situation improves your odds for getting perfect exposures. This article describes the metering modes available with most cameras along with recommendations on which are best for various situations. In-camera metering was the first step toward the remarkably intelligent cameras that we have today. A light meter inside the [...] Read more »

Depth of Field Preview: What You See is What You Get

One big benefit of a single lens reflex (SLR) camera is that you focus and compose through the lens that takes the picture. Ideally this would mean that what you see is what you get, but that is only partly correct. The aperture of an SLR lens is open wide to allow in as much [...] Read more »

Using Digital Camera Shooting Modes

Improving photographic skills is just like everything else – – we learn best by experience. Attacking the experience issue with a series of small projects usually works better than taking on a big project, and it is a lot easier to fit the small ones into a busy schedule. A good start would be to [...] Read more »

Digital Camera Shooting Modes

Some find the many choices of digital camera shooting modes bewildering. Here are simple explanations with important detail you aren’t likely to find in your camera’s manual. There is a lot of buzz about “manual exposure” and it is good to know and be able to use it. Just remember that one of the automatic [...] Read more »

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