Soft Light from On-Camera Flash

Pictures with harsh dark shadows and thermonuclear reflections are for Halloween and you can easily get them with direct, on camera flash because it doesn’t give soft light unless it is modified.  Fortunately it is easy and inexpensive to soften light from flash so that people in your photos won’t have faces brighter than the [...] Read more »

Poladroid : Easy Fun Polaroid-like Photos

If you long for the funky retro look of Polaroid images there is help for you that doesn’t involve counseling. The Poladroid Project offers free software that is fun and easy to use, and produces Polaroid-like images in about 60 seconds — the same time it takes for a true Polaroid picture to develop. Just [...] Read more »

How to Eliminate Redeye, Shadows and Flash Reflections

Those eerie red pupils in photos of friends and family are the result of light from a camera’s flash being reflected from the interior of their eyes. The duration of flash is so short that it is over before anyone can blink, and the light gets reflected right back into the camera if the flash [...] Read more »

How to Get Discounts on Photoshop

Phrugal photographers (sorry – couldn’t resist) know that Photoshop isn’t cheap, but Adobe Systems is arguably the global leader in software for editing digital images. In my experience their products are unsurpassed in quality, power and price, and price matters for most of us. But just as there is usually more than one way to [...] Read more »

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