Backgrounds | Pro Photographers Composition Secret No. 6

It is easy to neglect the background when composing a photo of an exciting subject, but not considering and managing backgrounds has had a negative impact on literally millions of pictures. Cluttered and messy backgrounds are very distracting, but there are several options for eliminating or minimizing poor ones. For example, simply changing camera position [...] Read more »

The Rule of Thirds|Pro Photographers Composition Secret No. 2

Most people who have taken a photography class will have heard of the “rule of thirds” which states that the subject should be placed at one of the intersections of imaginary lines that divide the picture into thirds. I prefer to think of it as a guideline instead of a rule because there are times [...] Read more »

Leading Lines|Pro Photographers Composition Secret No. 1

“Composition” is a basic concept in the art of photography, but also one that can seem a little mysterious and just about impossible to quantify. I see it as the art of structuring and organizing the content of photographs to achieve an artistic and/or journalistic goal. Good photos are about something, they have a “subject,” [...] Read more »

Perfect Exposures: Lighting with Flash

Being reasonably competent with in-camera metering modes is enough to get good images for casual use, but perfect exposures when conditions are extreme require more. Some scenes have too little light or too much contrast to photograph without active light management. The source of the first problem is obvious — we can’t make photographs without [...] Read more »

Blinking Screen: the Quest for Perfect Exposures

Have you seen your camera screen blinking as you review images? Me too, and I found out that the flashing screen is announcing exposure failure — it’s the camera’s way of telling you that parts of the the photograph are overexposed. The camera’s manual may refer to this as “highlight clipping” and you should look [...] Read more »

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