How to Get Tack-Sharp Images

Sharp images can make the difference between first-rate, professional-looking photos and the ones that just don’t measure up. The good news is there will be no fuzzy photos for you if understand how to prevent them. The 3 Top Ways to Get Sharp Images 1. Assure Correct Focus This one is very simple – if [...] Read more »

Backups: A Professional Photographer’s Survival Guide

Essential Guide to Backups Bad things happen to good people, but you don’t have to lose your photos if something bad happens to you. You and no one else has to go without photo backups because of cost or time considerations. There are inexpensive and even free backup solutions readily available, and you can “set [...] Read more »

Add Excitement to Pictures of Flowers

Lots of cool and useful stuff comes in spray bottles, and that includes all you need to add a dash of excitement to pictures of flowers. There is something special about the clean, fresh look flowers have after a rain, and you can get it even in a drought with a bit of water in [...] Read more »

Picture Your Shadow (Just for Fun)

You probably have taken a few pictures with one or two unfortunate shadows in them. The next time you’re photographing when the light is strong why not make a shadow the subject of a photo? It might be your own or an animal or another person, or even something inanimate. My own shadow is the [...] Read more »

How to Photograph Doors | Part One

Doors can be a theme to tie together travel and vacation photos that remind us where we were and what we discovered, and learning to see and knowing how to photograph doors opens a vast area of subject matter for artistic photographs. We go through and past them every day, and while some are plain [...] Read more »

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