Photoshop Tutorial:Underexposure & Color Balance

Photoshop Tutorial – Shortcuts for Multiple Photos Needing Similar Corrections

You probably don’t know anyone who hasn’t taken an underexposed picture and even a setting of auto white balance fails once in a while. When it does, there might more than one image from an outing that needs help, and occasionally all of them do.

Fear not – such happenings are not tragedies and the errors can be remedied. Just take a look at these before and after images.
Photoshop TutorialAdobe Tutorial

Clearly there are differences, and as the video shows, getting a photo from “before” to “after” doesn’t take long! (By the way, if you’re viewing this post with Google’s Chrome browser, you might want to try Firefox. For some reason, Chrome is not showing the images accurately on my screen.)

Photoshop Tutorial

The Photoshop tutorial is high resolution, so bump it up to full screen view if you’re not seeing it clearly.

If this photoshop tutorial was useful, you might want to check out the one demonstrating Photoshop’s Selective Color Balance Tool.

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