How to Make a Vignette with Photoshop

vignette with Photoshop

Making a White Vignette with Photoshop

Updated 4-OCT-2011
Once in a while I come across and image that seems to end a little too abruptly — one that could benefit from having a vignette to help soften the area just inside the frame. It is very easy to create a vignette with Photoshop because there is an action already built into the program, so it only takes a few clicks to create the vignette.

The video starts with the smaller image seen at right. It doesn’t look bad, especially at this small size, but larger versions seem harsh, almost as if we’re viewing a hand severed at the wrist. The Photoshop action produces a softer image (shown large at right). Here’s how to do it.

Video Tutorial – Photoshop’s Vignette Tool

[ The video is high resolution and is seen best in full screen mode ]

Thanks for watching the video. In a few days I’ll post another vignette tutorial showing what I think is a little more sophisticated approach that produces a nicer result.

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