Photoshop Video Tutorial | Selective Color Adjustment Tool

photoshop video tutorial This classic car photo suffered from a black tail light so I corrected it using Photoshop’s selective color tool to bring up the magenta color seen in the larger image.

The choice of tool was driven by the lack of color in the tail light — there simply was not enough red or magenta present for the hue-saturation tool to make a significant difference.

The video shows the step-by-step process I used to get to the corrected image. selective color

Photoshop Selective Color Video Tutorial

Thanks for watching the selective color tutorial and I hope you’ll find the it helpful in the future. Color correction can be challenging at times, and I’ve used the selective color tool often for reducing, removing and creating color casts on a wide variety of subjects including people, landscapes, flowers, and architecture. And remember that it was designed for help in managing color during printing. The pros use it and so can you.

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