Tips for Photographing Fireworks

We can always count on fireworks photo opportunities at Independence Day celebration. Almost everyone likes them and it seems there are always some people photographing them. It’s really not all that difficult to get good shots, and here are some tips for photographing fireworks that will help you capture the beauty, color, and excitement. 1. [...] Read more »

Fresh Perspectives: Pro Photographers Secret for Statues & Landmarks

Free time in a city provides an opportunity to catch your own interpretation of familiar sights including landmarks, statues, and monuments. Before going for your own unique vision of famous places it might help to close your eyes and visualize the photos you’ve seen, and thinking about what fresh perspectives might be waiting. For example, [...] Read more »

Negative Space is a Positive Thing: Pro Photographer’s Composition Secret No. 4

In photography the term “negative space” refers to the content of the frame that is not the subject. In part it has to do with a sense of balance, and managing it well gives photographs that people generally prefer when compared to others of the same subject. Too little negative space can give the subject [...] Read more »

Photographing Detail

All the big things we photograph are made up of smaller things, and photographing detail adds variety, interest and photo-journalistic depth to vacation albums, images from family gatherings, and pictures from just about everywhere we shoot. For example, strolling through a marina at the end of the season led me to this beautiful and experienced [...] Read more »

Framing the Subject | Pro Photographers Composition Secret No. 3

Much of what we do in composition relates to making the subject readily recognizable as the most important part of the frame. We’ve already discussed using the “rule of thirds” and the “golden mean,” two approaches to positioning the subject near locations that seem to be naturally pleasing to humans. We also covered using “leading [...] Read more »

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